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The Great Movies by Roger Ebert – My Review

The Great MoviesThe Great Movies by Roger Ebert

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not only do I like watching great films, but I like reading about them too. As a filmmaker people are always surprised that I haven’t seen some “classics”. Generally, I haven’t seen too many films before I was born (70s) and I really have no interest in several genres like war/military films and westerns. I have to say though that as a filmmaker I will watch ANY film when recommended.

When it comes to movies, no one knows them better than Roger Ebert. Forget the movie side; he is one of the best writer/journalist period! His essays are analytical without being too scrutinizing. They really celebrate what it is like to FEEL what the film is trying to convey and how they made him feel. He also has been watching films from around the world at a young age (25) and brings with him a wealth of knowledge of film technique and career of pretty much any given filmmaker in the last 50 years.

The essays in this book were deductive, insightful and most of all filled with fondness of something Roger Ebert perhaps knows just as well as any great filmmaker – film.

~Post Script~

The movies that I haven’t seen, but want to after reading this book are


The 400 Blows

The Apartment

Body Heat

* The Bicycle Thief

The Big Sleep

*Bonnie & Clyde


Double Indemnity

La Dolce Vita

Lawrence of Arabia

The Maltese Falcon


*The Night of the Hunter

On The Waterfront

Raging Bull

Seven Samurai

Sunset Blvd

With the exception of ‘The 400 Blows’ I have heard of all of these films, but have never seen them. Ebert covers A LOT of films and since there were so many I read only the essays of those films I heard of. I hope to see these films – eventually.

When I do I will more than likely review them on a public forum like Rotten Tomatoes

I'll also try and put an * asterisk next to the ones I see as I see them.

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