Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Baltimore

This year Halloween fell on a Friday so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to create a film that captured the impish, the mischievous, the prankish, the puckish, the pixilated, in other words drunk people in costume. To be fair not all of them were drunk, but they were having a good time and so did we.

This project was a “collabo” between NBE and Central Pop Images. We went downtown Baltimore (is there any other place?) to see how many people we could get to give us permission to tape them and there were many. The people were more than eager to tell us about their costume and even act the part a little. One “Joker” even did a whole scene from The Dark Knight.

As soon as we edit the film we will put it on the Internet for everyone to see, until then, enjoy our slide show below :-)

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