Thursday, February 7, 2013

Black Film Now

Black Film Now is a great new venture from a filmmaker in Philly I know Mike D of Reelblack.

Reelblack is a full-service film and video production company dedicated to creating and promoting “good movies ’bout Black Folks.” Based in Philadelphia, it was founded in 1999 by award-winning filmmaker Michael Dennis (a.k.a. Mike D.), a graduate of both NYU Film School and The American Film Institute in Los Angeles. I've known of Mike and his movement for years and the brother is truly dedicated to "creating and promoting “good movies ’bout Black Folks.” Please check out his message.
Help us get the word out about our newest project, the feature length documentary BLACK FILM NOW. The IndieGoGo Pitch video just posted. Campaign will go live on Feb 7. We're going to raise $25,000 before March 7 and need everyone's help. Please let me know what you think of the project and if you're able to support through donation or by sweat equity. Email filmmaker Michel Dennis at for details. 
I plan to support him any way I can and I hope you feel the same. One only need to check out his site and YouTube (both linked below the video) to see the great work he does. Below is his video pitch for BLACK FILM NOW

Additional Links

Reelblack website
Reelblack YouTube

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