Thursday, April 4, 2013

R.I.P. Roger Ebert

I don't write many remembrances for this blog, but in this instance I had to for Roger Ebert was my favorite film critic.

I don't read reviews before I see a film, but afterwards I do and what Roger said more often than not mirrored my own thoughts and those that know me know that I am discerning.

On the rare occasions, when I'm on the fence about a film, I would go straight to Roger's review to be the decider.

I enjoyed his TV show with both his regular co-host Gene Siskel and then Richard Roper and was sad that he had to leave the air due to his health problems.

I became such a fan I even read several of his books and still plan on reading more I enjoyed his writing so much.

Apart from enjoying his reviews I just enjoyed his writing. Roger was an accomplished journalist who could tell a story without getting pedantic.

Having majored in film and minored in journalism in college I guess I appreciated every facet of Roger's talents.

Due to his health problems Roger lost his audio voice years ago, but in later years I still appreciated his written voice and his voice will be missed.

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Candice Frederick said...

i have such a heavy heart

Dankwa Brooks said...

Likewise Candice :(