Wednesday, September 24, 2008

15 Minutes of Fame

I’ve talked about my “day job” so now it’s time for the “night job”. Sometimes in the evening I direct public access television shows. We shoot in television studios donated for public use by cable companies. It's free to use the equipment; all you have to do is volunteer to be there to run the shows. We tape this show in the Howard County Comcast public access studio (in Maryland). As director I am in the control room viewing studio action through a set of television monitors. Each one links to one of the three studio cameras and I issue instructions to the cameramen. While the action goes on I switch to one of the three cameras while we record it. I also set up microphones and set layout. Sometimes, if needed I work the camera on the floor while the producer directs, wherever the producer needs me.

One of those shows is the new 15 Minutes of Fame. Below is its intro.

I actually started directing that other show mentioned “The Y-Factor”, but recently I have been concentrating on “15Mins” as we call it. Below is a segment of one of the first shows if not THE first show I directed. The set looks empty because we had to move the set because the singer needed room for her dancers. There are three songs and the dancers appear in the last song.


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