Monday, September 29, 2008

How and ‘Y’ I started directing television

I directed a lot of stuff in college, but it was all film directing. I took a class in “TV Studio Operation”, but because it was like 30 of us in the class I never got around to directing. It was years later that I actually got a chance to direct television.

Everybody at work knew about my background in media. I kinda let everybody know that I was a “superstar”, I won some contest , had my degree in film and get to know me now before I become famous (more famous? LOL). One of those people who knew about all of that was Duane Murrill. Again because of my background Murrill and I would often talk about movies and when he started hosting this new show he told me I should come check it out. I did and met the producer and creator of the show Arleen. The show is shot in a television studio donated for public use by Howard County Comcast (in Maryland). It's free to use the equipment; all you have to do is volunteer to be there to run the show.

Said show “The Y-Factor” is a one-hour discussion talk show about relationships between men and women. The host, Duane Murrill, asks questions to a roundtable of 2 to 4 people. It's a free flow of discussion about everything it involved. Murrill is a great host because, and I don’t think I’m putting him out here, he knows a lot about relationships and he knows how to talk! A mutual friend of ours (what’s up Faye) asked “is he a good host” and I said “Of course. You know Murrill can talk!” LOL

I started on the show working one of the cameras. Soon I was directing. As director I am in the control room viewing studio action through a set of television monitors. Each one links to one of the three studio cameras and I issue instructions to the cameramen. I also set up microphones and set layout. Some times, if needed I work the camera on the floor while Arleen directs, wherever she needs me.

I haven’t directed The Y-Factor in a while for two reasons. One, is my schedule is busy because I’m trying to expand the ‘Nother Brother Entertainment brand and work on my short film The Part. (I know that’s two things, but bear with me.) Two, (or three if you want to be technical) is when I am available I like to work on Arleen’s new show 15 Minutes of Fame (I spoke about it in the blog post here). I miss the Y-Factor not only because it’s where I got my start directing, it’s a fun show to not only watch, but to direct. Sometimes I have to stop watching and laughing and concentrate on directing LOL. I think I’m going to ask Arleen if I can I direct the Y-Factor again next month.

The Y-Factor gets down without being dirty about the good and bad of relationships. If you think they go soft on the talk because it’s on television you’re wrong. They get quite frank without being lewd and raunchy. Like philosopher and psychologist William James said “Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.” and the Y-Factor has plenty of attitude!

Thanx again Arleen for this great experience and of course my main man Murrill for introducing me to Arleen.

You can watch a clip from one of the first shows below.

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