Saturday, August 2, 2008

My First Day

After taking care of all of the administrative stuff for my new assignment (paperwork, parking space etc.) I immediately went on a video shoot. In fact I was in the garage on the way back from parking my car in my new space when my peeps from the Media Production Unit (what's up Laylla and Gino) gave me the tripod and said let's go we're on our way to the van.

It had been years since I had my hands on a professional video camera (in school) , but it was like riding a bike. I jumped right in! It was a FREEZING cold February day. I had nice insulated leather gloves that I COULDN'T operate the camera with so I had to take them off to shoot the video. :(

You'll see the purpose of the video, but it was requested (by the guy in the video) because of the many "Larceny from auto" crimes in the area to air as a PSA.

A public service announcement (PSA) is a non-commercial advertisement broadcast on radio or television, ostensibly for the public good. PSAs are intended to modify public attitudes by raising awareness about specific issues. Television stations are required by law to allot a certain amount of time for PSA's each year.

Below is a famous 1987 PSA

Below is the kickass 1998 "remix" with actor Rachael Leigh Cook.

The video from our PSA wasn't taken from a "street camera" it is a recreation. Actually that opening shot from the street sign to the "criminal" is one of mine :)

A mini van was towed from the police impound lot to that street for the recreation. Here are some cell phone photos I took "after the smash".

We only had one chance to get the smash so we had to do it last and get it right. Good thing too because the actor cut his hand during it. (He was fine. A bandage was all he needed.)

Anyway, our PSA (below) wasn't as slickly produced as those anti drug ads, but I like it the most was my first day.