Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why I Donated to AFFRM

I donated to AFFRM because I wholeheartedly believe in what they’re doing.

Founded in 2011, African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement a.k.a. AFFRM is a theatrical distribution entity powered by the nation’s finest black film festival organizations. The collective theatrically releases quality independent African-American films through simultaneous limited engagements in select cities.

Our mission at ‘Nother Brother Entertainment has always been to further propagate diverse images through development of films, and that means supporting others who do the same. The film reviews on this blog are here to highlight good black films and AFFRM is committed to doing the same.

They believe like I do that film should be seen on the BIG SCREEN and that means theatrically. Not just theatrically through staggered release around the country, but through simultaneous release. Their films open all around the country on the same day.

As you can imagine doing something like this isn’t free and it isn’t cheap. I’ve followed AFFRM online since its inception and they do a great job at promoting their films in a grassroots manner, so when it came time for them to raise money to further their mission I had to donate.

In reality, any film that makes it to the marketplace through “straight to DVD” and or VOD (Video on Demand) (digitally on televisions and other mobile devices) is great, but films were made for the cinema, the “silver screen” and AFFRM values that. I’ve also been trying online to get them to add a regular theatrical stop in Baltimore. I’ve been to many successful black indie film premieres here and I feel that there’s a market.

Anyway, I’m proud to join the other, so far over 600, AFFRM Rebels to help propagate black film!

Watch their video about becoming a Rebel below.

Click the graphic below to see the Rebel Wall of proud AFFRM Rebels

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