Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Newest Film-"Making History"

After casting Kesha Afrika Oliver in The Part and having a chance to talk to her I decided to film an “interview” with her to maybe put on The Part DVD. I found her experiences at Colonial Williamsburg to use her words “interesting”.

Kesha Afrika Oliver in Making History
I really had no intention of committing to another film when I hadn’t even completed the first film. I had to film her interviews after rehearsals and shooting of The Part. The footage was so engrossing I decided to make a short documentary from the interviews. Making a documentary (if done right) is a long process. It’s not just an “interview”. You have to add additional footage (video and photos) and possibly even more interviews. So I decided to undertake this task because I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

So now a documentary that started as an interview, that was only for “special features” for a DVD, is now being shown as a film by itself. Somehow a copy of Making History got out and now it will be shown at the end of October. Ok I know how it got out, but it isn’t really relevant to this story LOL. It seems as though the people at Docs in Progress found Making History equally interesting.

I, Writer & Director Dankwa Brooks, will be there and I’m trying to get Kesha Afrika Oliver to attend as well to answer questions. You can read our Press Release about Making History here and stay tuned to this blog for future information.

Making History will screen Thursday, October 29, 2009 at the Creative Alliance at The Patterson.

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