Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Three Black Directors with Aisha Tyler

As a multi-hyphenate that includes being an actor and comedian Aisha Tyler would appreciate this blog entry title. On separate episodes of her show, she sits down with three black directors to discuss any and everything, starting with their upbringing and ending with their careers. Through her podcast, Girl on Guy she has conversations with various people in entertainment, sports etc and these are three conversations with black directors that I found very illuminating.

The conversations are ALL THE WAY LIVE as they are loose with the language and the stories. I discovered her podcast through a podcast and she is great. You can hear Aisha’s extreme intelligence as well as her crass humor. Every convo is like one you’d have at a party or get-together over drinks.

Check out the podcasts below.

Paris Barclay
Girl On Guy 139: Paris Barclay
From May 13, 2014

“The way that I conquer fear is I don’t conquer it. I never conquer it. It doesn’t go away. I just keep walking. I just keep doing what I’m supposed to do until I realize I’m not afraid anymore.”

Join Sons Of Anarchy director and Director’s Guild of America President Paris Barclay and Aisha as they burn through weaponizing your name, having nothing to count on, making the tile, having too much hope, flunking out of Harvard before you begin, explosive parties, shooting L.L. Cool J, getting derbrided, and being a real life mad man. Plus, Paris ends his long, illustrious love affair with alcohol, and finds a new love in the process.

UPDATE: This podcast was free, but now you need a subscription to listen to. (It's affordable) You can listen to it HERE

Read more about the subscriptions at the end.

John Ridley
Girl On Guy 175: John Ridley
From March 10, 2015

“Everything good that came out of my career was out of the absolute worst moment… if this is as bad as it’s going to get, I’m not crossing the Edmund Pettus bridge… I’ve still got a computer. Go write some shit.”

Join Oscar-winning screenwriter (of Twelve Years a Slave), novelist, director and showrunner of American Crime John Ridley  and Aisha as they chop up polymathy, relentlessness, optimism, restraint, prolificacy, intractability and radical creative flexibility.

Listen to the podcast below

Eric Dickerson
Girl On Guy Bonus X20: Ernest Dickerson
From Oct 31, 2013

Join director Ernest Dickerson and Aisha as they slice through drawing movies, urban myths, pulling all nighters, medical horrors, meeting John Sayles, rainy days on the film set, why first days are the hardest, protecting your film, creative desperation, zombie creation, and why every film is terrifying. Plus Ernest gets lucky in DC, and Aisha is mentally scarred for life by a certain Japanese film.

Unfortunately, this is a premium episode, which requires a subscription to access it. But I think it is WELL WORTH  the “price of admission”. I think the subscriptions are reasonable too (Girl On Guy - 30 day subscription for $ 1.99 USD, 6 month subscription for $ 4.99 USD and 1 year subscription for $ 8.99 USD)

Ernest drops some real jewels of wisdom here, hence why you have to pay for it. LOL

Read more about the podcast here